The Lean Startup is simply a Neural Network

June 8, 2016

I am somewhere in the start of ‘The Lean Startup’ book – and don’t get me wrong – is a great book but I feel a bit offended reading once more what it should not be written.

Isn’t this simply just …obvious?!

I wonder what happened to the world sometimes that we need books (and I am reading this out of curiosity) to tell us the obvious.

Of course when you want to build something succesful in terms of revenue you need to build those freak in roads to your clients as soon as possible or else you are going on blindly.

Why people can’t just cut the crap – the whole universe of mental crap – and just focus on the point and make something good and they need books instead to teach them.

This is exactly what I talked about “Life is Kung Fu” TEDx speech about how ‘we’: humans and machines learn. Replace Kung Fu with ‘hard work’ or even better ‘just being alive and with ambitions’.

That is a universal fundamental obvious fact.

We learn via feedback loops.

Can we stop wasting precious paper already?

However it’s still a great and interesting book so far – so before you call me snobbish – I will just say that I inserted a thought in there – not that I really care what you think anyways but just saying.

That’s why I think I don’t have another TEDx speech to give anymore.

I told everything that in needs to be told back then. Once.

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Albert Ellis