The Internet is making us see!

June 25, 2016

I was going through youtube when I found the video below. In this video colour blind people try glasses that enables them to see colours for the first time.

Then I see this video where two kids in India see for the first time.

First of all – what a great feeling for those people.

Now lets talk about the internet. The internet did something similar to planet earth as the examples above. It connected everything allowing a rich unlimited unfiltered flow of information. This unlimited information – the neural network of the planet – caused amazing things to happen!

Work cultures are more relaxed. Things are not so hard as they used to be and if they are people understand why. Humanity sees deeper than ever. People understand other cultures. We travel more. We share moments everywhere we are on the planet. We saw the bad – the evil – the terrible. We touched places we would never go.

All in 20 years. Fast and brutal.

And as a blind man that sees for the first time, or a person that sees all the colours for the first time: humanity needed some time to adjust. Cultures were filled with light by the light of other cultures. It became harder and harder to focus only on one culture. The ego dissolves quicker. Karma is adjusted faster due to public commentary. We start to understand how things connect which each other. War seems to be less and less and instead of having world wars we have certain terrorism attacks. But no wars. Killing people by millions. And that means that something has changed.

This connectivity, this miracle, the neural network of the planet enabling it self is something that we still experience as humanity. We are still trying to figure out what happened. We are all becoming one. That one has nothing to do with materialism anymore. As everything now is really accessible. Certain things that previous generations – living in a bit darker ages – thought were absolutely nesassery are now dissolving. Choices of whole countries are experienced in an instance in the global finance system. We know – we communicate we exist. That makes envy less and less as we can experience the lives of others – celebs, the super rich – through so much content that makes it like being them.

Of course as with great exposure to light comes a sunburn there are certain opposing forces to counterfeit with the change. The rise of right wing parties for example. However since the world has not yet fully understood the internet there will be even more changes.

The only outcome of this and the real value that humanity will experience is the amazing ability to work and explore the soul in order to really appreciate and be grateful of this remarkable, unbelievable gift. The gift of life!

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Herman Cain