How to introduce new team members to your global remote team? Videos!

October 5, 2019

Every company out there will tell you that they have great culture and show you the ping-pong table or something. But how they actually adapt to the media-driven reality around us and use it to their advantage? How do they actually innovate when it comes to culture and actively contribute to the most basic human need? Communication and socializing?

Email, Slack, Phone-calls. These are all tools we use in the modern office environment to communicate between us. And of course face-to-face conversations. But these ones are a luxury in the modern global working environment.

If you are lucky enough to have your team in one stable location – be able to bond via various activities – this is great! But that’s not the case if you need to change two planes in order to get to meet your co-workers. And in an ever-increasing world connected environment this is only going to increase. For sure.

However, we have been innovating with a new type of introduction here at Energybox.

Every new member has the opportunity to introduce his or her self to the team using a very short video (usually 1 minute) which we circulate internally.

This helps our teams in Europe and in USA (we are in Hong Kong) to keep track of new members joining and increase our familiarity a bit. I know it’s not much compared to a dinner or a sports activity but it’s much better than just seeing a new name popping up to your slack member lists.

Here at Energybox, as we innovate tech-wise, we are also innovating culturally and media-wise. If you are interested in joining Energybox please visit

PS: We also have a swimming pool at our office (not kidding).

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